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Looking for a safe place to get your ‘mojo’ back after lockdown?

We think we may have the answer at Fourwinds in March, Cambridgeshire!

It’s not been the best of times for many, and we hope you and those you care about are safe and well.

To be honest, we’re counting our lucky stars. Because we fully appreciate that of all the places to be in “lockdown”, you’d be hard-pressed to choose a better place than Fourwinds B&B, Self Catering Accommodation and Campsite in March!

Like all of you, however, we’re looking forward to getting back to normal. Except as for everyone, normal is changing somewhat!

Lockdown has afforded us the luxury of time to think and reflect. We know from the usually full booking schedule we’re getting things right (at least we hope we are!). But we also know what’s happening in the world is likely to change people’s outlook and needs.

Restrictions will take some time to lift completely, and folk will be more mindful of their personal safe space when they travel, whether for work or recreation.

And, it occurred to us that…when we are able to open our doors to you again, with a few tweaks to our Campsite, Self Catering and B&B, we have the safe haven you’ll be looking for!

The best Self Catering and Camping holidays in the Fens!

So our lovely guests tell us 🙂Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 12.47.14

….. And we want to remind everyone that our popular Shepherds Hideaway and Log Cabin options provide you with beautiful self-contained accommodation, giving you a fully functioning personal environment.

Our self-catering options will be developed even further soon, so watch this space!

As soon as lockdown is over and domestic travel is allowed once more, you can bet camping holidays will be even more popular for families and friends wanting to get together in a safe, secluded location. People will be scrambling for fresh air, self-contained accommodation and the great outdoors. What could be better after months of confinement!

What sets us apart from many campsites in Cambridgeshire and the Fens is the size of our pitches and the freedom and space we have available. So, assuming we will still be encouraged to keep a 2m distance over the coming months, you will be able to do this easily on the Fourwinds camp field. (Now might be the time to invest in that camping loo though! 🙂 )

Our plans for the Bed & Breakfast

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 12.46.18

Our breakfast is ‘award-winning’, and we’re proud of that. So it’s one service we want to continue to offer to our B&B guests.

The only changes are, we believe, positive ones! Your breakfast will still be locally sourced. You’ll even get to smell what has to be one of the best aromas in the world – a delicious cooked breakfast. And it will still be lovingly prepared by us.

So what’s the difference? Well, you will get ‘Room Service Breakfasts’ – what’s not to love about that?! We will deliver your breakfast to your rooms on a breakfast trolley, and yes, you can stay in your pyjamas! We have reconfigured our rooms slightly to include a comfortable dining area in each.  This also provides a valuable bit of suitable space should you need somewhere quiet and secluded to work remotely.

And if you’re strong enough to resist our breakfasts (!!) and want to ‘go it alone’ with your catering, we’ve made sure each room has access to plates, cutlery and a microwave too.

Room rates for B&B option

Don’t worry, if breakfast is not your fav meal of the day we have options for you too!

We can now offer room-only rates. This is something we know isn’t ‘the norm’ for many B&B’s in March, or even B&B’s in Cambridgeshire. And we see the frustration some travellers have when they have to pay for breakfast they don’t want because it’s automatically included in the room rate. So we’ve made this change, to allow you to choose what works best for you.

We piloted this before CV Lockdown hit and have found a significant number of guests prefer it, so it’s now a permanent offering alongside our inclusive breakfast rates.

Our campers and self-catering guests will still be able to enjoy take out cooked plates, and other take away breakfast options as usual, so that they can eat with their tribe at base camp!

B&B Deals and Discounts

To make your stay as price-friendly as possible, we can now offer direct booking and multi-night discounts for those of you staying in our B&B and self-catering accommodation.  By booking direct with us we are able to offer you our best rates!  Again, helping you to budget for the longer holiday you deserve.

Our Booking Discounts are available by calling us on 01354 658737 or booking through our website

If you prefer to use the online booking agents such as and Expedia – you can of course still do so.

The future is looking bright at Fourwinds B&B, Self-Catering and Campsite!

As you can see, we haven’t been resting on our laurels during the lockdown. We’ve thought hard about what you may need from a holiday or a business trip and have made the necessary plans to provide you with that.

We still have more to do; the developments we mentioned above, and our exciting new events and training facilities are through the planning stages (more on that soon).

So all of us here, including Prince, Jaffa, and the new addition to the family, Ruby; look forward to seeing you back at Fourwinds soon. In the meantime, stay well 🙂

Bev and John

2 comments on “Looking for a safe place to get your ‘mojo’ back after lockdown?

  1. Val Thompson says:

    Can’t WAIT to come and visit! We were gutted not to be able to visit at Easter so,Really looking forward to seeing you all soon. Val and Pete Sloka – North Derbyshire

    1. Here’s to the next time Val 🙂

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