Fourwinds Leisure, 113 Whittlesey Road, March, Cambridgeshire PE15 0AH
01354 658 737


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    Please note that some Sat Navs will direct you incorrectly to villages about 20 min drive away. If, after putting in the postcode of PE15 0AH, your satnav does not let you put a house number of 113 Whittlesey Rd in, then do not put any of the other offered house numbers in.  Choose anywhere in the postcode and it will bring you to the right place. Google maps and tomtom are correct, its usually Garmin satnavs that are not.

    If on your approach, our property is on your left hand side and you would prefer to turn right into our gateway (if for example you have a particularly large tow vehicle), we suggest that you go past our property and turn in the mouth of Middle Road which is on your right hand side.  When you then drive back to our property on Whittlesey Road, it will enable you to turn right into our gateway.

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