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Fourwinds Top Tips for Camping Safely in the Heat

With the heatwave we are experiencing, Fourwinds wanted to share some top tips when camping with us to help keep you safe and cool for your stay with us

We certainly all pray for sunshine when on a camping holiday but when the mercury rises there are some things we can all do to make our holiday safe and more enjoyable. Being outside when camping is one of the main things that attracts us to this style of holidaying and any sunshine that comes our way is very much welcomed at Fourwinds Leisure!

Just a few small tips for camping in the heat can go a long way in making our camping trip safe.

Campsite Safety

❌Please don’t place disposable BBQs straight onto grass or wooden objects

❌ Don’t leave glass bottle lying in the sun for long periods

✔Place BBQs on an even surfaces of bricks or paving slabs

✔ Distinguish cigarettes properly & dispose of all rubbish safely

✔If using a disposable BBQ please make sure it is cooled fully before putting in the bin

Sun Safety

❌ Don’t spend too much time in the midday sun ….sun stroke can be nasty 

✔ Stay hydrated with plenty of water

✔ Don’t forget your sun cream! Use high SPF sun cream

River Safety

✔Be super careful swimming and during water activities in the river

✔Wear your buoyancy aid supplied by us when you hire our canoes or kayaks

❌ Never swim anywhere you are unfamiliar with and unsure of the currents

Looking after our Doggy Guests

✔Ensure they have plenty of shade and drinking water, particularly when taking them for a walk

❌ Never leave them locked inside a hot tent, and NEVER leave them in a hot car, even for a few minutes as this could prove fatal

Keeping Food & Drinks Cool

✔ Bring a good cool box with ice in it and freezer blocks (you can refreeze blocks in the campsite freezer)

Our final words of wisdom...!

Even a small BBQ, discarded lit cigarette or glass rubbish could easily set grass on fire & cause a large scale incident. It’s also just as important to keep ourselves safe from the sun’s rays and keeping safe by the river so we hope our tips have been helpful. We wish you an enjoyable camping holiday here at Fourwinds Leisure and if you have any questions about your upcoming stay with us please get in touch

Camping Activities That Are Anything But Boring!

Find a site that offers camping with activities and banish the boredom on your next trip!

You may have it in your mind that camping is a sedate and relaxing way to spend your time, and this can certainly be true. However, not everyone is content to sit back and relax for their whole break. The good news is that if you are looking for camping activities that are anything but boring, there are Campsites that have activities suitable for the whole family that you can choose to spice up a camping trip and make it fun. Read on to find out what they are.

Canoe Hire

One of the best options for injecting some excitement into a camping trip is to hire canoes and explore the local waterways. Of course, there are various different types of canoes on the market, and some like traditional Kayaks require some extra safety training before use. The reason being that you need to be able to right the canoe if it turns over in the water, something known as an ‘Eskimo Roll.’


However, there are other kinds like the ones we have on offer at Fourwinds Bed and Breakfast. Indeed, our Mackinaw Canadian canoes (sits up to 3 people) and our Mazzif Fisha sit-on kayaks, (sits one) allow you to swim free if they roll. It is because of this that we choose these types to offer for our canoe hire service and not only are they perfect for exploring the placid 26 miles of Old River Nene that runs adjacent to our campsite, but you can also safely operate them after a short briefing. Just remember to bring a packed lunch to store in the provided cool box and you can make a whole day of canoeing on the Old River Nene!

Coarse Fishing

Fishing is another activity that sits perfectly with camping, and depending on your location you may be able to try sea fishing or coarse fishing (angling for freshwater fish). The great thing about fishing is that it often combines both periods of calm and contemplation, with a burst of activity and excitement, once you have a bite! Not to mention the thrill of the competition when you are engaged in match fishing.


Happily, for any keen anglers, there are all kinds of wonderful fishing spots all over the UK, and Cambridge in particular. Although, with the Old River Nene running along the southeastern boundary of our land, (and free of charge to use for our guests) you won’t find a more convenient camping spot if angling for Rudd, Roach, Bream, and Tench is on your agenda!

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