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Camping Activities That Are Anything But Boring!

Find a site that offers camping with activities and banish the boredom on your next trip!

You may have it in your mind that camping is a sedate and relaxing way to spend your time, and this can certainly be true. However, not everyone is content to sit back and relax for their whole break. The good news is that if you are looking for camping activities that are anything but boring, there are Campsites that have activities suitable for the whole family that you can choose to spice up a camping trip and make it fun. Read on to find out what they are.

Canoe Hire

One of the best options for injecting some excitement into a camping trip is to hire canoes and explore the local waterways. Of course, there are various different types of canoes on the market, and some like traditional Kayaks require some extra safety training before use. The reason being that you need to be able to right the canoe if it turns over in the water, something known as an ‘Eskimo Roll.’



However, there are other kinds like the ones we have on offer at Fourwinds Bed and Breakfast. Indeed, our Mackinaw Canadian canoes (sits up to 3 people) and our Mazzif Fisha sit-on kayaks, (sits one) allow you to swim free if they roll. It is because of this that we choose these types to offer for our canoe hire service and not only are they perfect for exploring the placid 26 miles of Old River Nene that runs adjacent to our campsite, but you can also safely operate them after a short briefing. Just remember to bring a packed lunch to store in the provided cool box and you can make a whole day of canoeing on the Old River Nene!

Coarse Fishing

Fishing is another activity that sits perfectly with camping, and depending on your location you may be able to try sea fishing or coarse fishing (angling for freshwater fish). The great thing about fishing is that it often combines both periods of calm and contemplation, with a burst of activity and excitement, once you have a bite! Not to mention the thrill of the competition when you are engaged in match fishing.


Happily, for any keen anglers, there are all kinds of wonderful fishing spots all over the UK, and Cambridge in particular. Although, with the Old River Nene running along the southeastern boundary of our land, (and free of charge to use for our guests) you won’t find a more convenient camping spot if angling for Rudd, Roach, Bream, and Tench is on your agenda!

Archery & Air Rifles

If watery pursuits aren’t your thing, then how about trying your hand at some marksmanship?

We are talking about activities such as archery and air rifles, which can prove a fun challenge for all ages of campers. Indeed, those well versed in video games where their aim is tested all the time are bound to enjoy a chance to see whether their skills measure up in real life.

Of course, when it comes to shooting of any kind, making sure you practice with the correct safety supervision and instruction is crucial. Indeed, that is why we offer both Air Rifles in March Cambridgeshire private group sessions (open to all) as well as archery ‘have a go’ and air rifles ‘have a go’ sessions exclusively for our campsite guests, run by John, our resident expert. Check out Fourwinds for more info. Why fire off (get it?) an email to and book a session today?  Also check out more on our blog about compelling reasons to camp!

You’ve just found the perfect dog-friendly holiday!

Beautiful dog-friendly self-contained holiday accommodation in the Cambridgeshire Fens


If you’re anything like us, you will have found staycation holiday choices can be considerably narrowed if you have a furry friend (of the dog variety, not your partner!) And it can be a real frustration to be wowed by beautiful pictures of amazing self-catering holiday apartments and B&Bs, all in stunning locations …only to get to the point of booking and see those dreaded words. NO DOGS!

Of course, we understand the reason why some properties make the decision not to be dog-friendly If you’ve spent a small fortune upgrading your premises to make them a luxurious retreat or a cosy ‘home from home’, the last thing you want is for it to be damaged or soiled.

But as proud parents of two beautiful dogs, Prince and Ruby, we know that they are as well behaved as any toddler we’ve ever met, and they have never once caused us any embarrassment.

We believe most dog owners, like us, don’t allow bad behaviour from their dogs. So why should you have to leave a member of the family at home at holiday time?

It was a priority for us from the day Fourwinds became our home and business that your four-legged friends are as welcome here as you. And doing so has not meant we’ve had to compromise on the quality of the dog-friendly self-contained accommodation in the Cambridgeshire Fens that we offer. You only need to look at the pictures and our reviews to know that’s true.

Which leads nicely to…

Your dog-friendly holiday accommodation choices at Fourwinds Leisure

When choosing a holiday, this is what has to tick all the boxes, agreed? After all, it’s where you’ll be relaxing, eating and socialising most of the time. This is why we’ve made each of your choices as comfortable and memorable for you as we can.

Our self-contained self-catering holiday flat

This is a perfect choice for a family of up to 5 who are sharing their holiday with their dog. You’ll be able to relax knowing they are secure and settled, and they’ll have great views of the garden from the conservatory while they doze in the sun.

Self-contained, self-catering dog-friendly log cabinOur popular rustic log cabin

Another great choice for those of you holidaying with your pet and, again, it’s completely self-contained and self catering. It has its own BBQ and campfire area, but you will need to keep your dog on a lead, as the garden is not secure. We recommend you book early for this one as it’s a popular choice for many of our returning guests!

Camping in the Fens

If you love spending days and nights in the great outdoors and relaxing around a campfire with a glorious view of the stars, this has to be your choice!

Pitching up on one of our spacious dedicated areas is so easy, and in our opinion, worth every second of time you take to set up! Your dogs (up to 2 on a pitch) will love being outdoors and watching all the comings and goings of a friendly campsite (check out our previous blog about why you should camp in the Cambridgeshire Fens). And we’re sure they’ll be delighted if you choose one of our Camper Plate Brekkies too…


Dog friendly activities in the Cambridgeshire Fens

Hopefully, you’ve decided which accommodation option to choose (and don’t forget, you can visit us as many times as you like and try them all!).

Now, it’s time to whet your appetite with all the fun you can have with your four-legged friends this holiday.

Prince and Ruby play a huge part in our lives, and as such, finding places we can visit with them has been a priority. We know you’ll be the same too, so here are some of our favourites for you to enjoy as much as we do:


Dog friendly nature reserves

Rings End Nature Reserve is 8.5 hectares, south of the hamlet of Ring’s End towards the small town of March. Throughout the year, there is an abundance of wildlife to observe and enjoy. For example, in the spring, you can see common lizards: wall brown, brimstones, peacock and orange-tip butterflies, and you can hear the cettis warblers, cuckoos, long-tailed tits and yellowhammers.

Lattersey Nature Reserve, Whittlesey was once a disused quarry but is now a beautiful dog walk and a haven for wetland wildlife.

Gault Wood near March is owned by the Woodland Trust and has two ponds and several open grass areas alongside the woods. This is a glorious morning or late afternoon walk with plenty of benches to stop for a picnic and peace and birdsong.


Dog friendly Riverbank walks

You don’t need to go far for this first one! At the end of the camping field at Fourwinds Leisure, you’ll find the

Dog-friendly walk along a Cambridgeshire Fens riverbank

Old River Nene, where there’s a beautiful walk along the riverbank past gorgeous old houses and taking you into the picturesque town of March. Plenty of shops, cafes and ice cream to be found there…


Benwick Tow Path

A few miles away in a cute little Fen village called Benwick, you’ll find a lovely walk along the towpath with beautiful narrowboats passing leisurely by and plenty of wildlife to see. Don’t forget your binoculars!

If you take off for an afternoon drive, you’ll also find plenty of places to stop for walks on the drain banks, for example, Northbank. There are also pull in places to stop, stretch your legs and enjoy the scenery along the quiet A605 and on the Whittlesey Road at Turves.

We can give you specific directions when you are here.


If you want to go a little further afield (within an hour and worth it!), you’ll find some more gems to enjoy with your dog:

Shouldham Warren is the location of some stunning, signposted, woodland walks ranging from the shortest at 0.75 miles, through to 2.5 miles, with the latter allowing you to experience the site’s undulating nature so you can see views across the open fenland.Dog-friendly Shouldham Warren for lovely staycation walks

Holkham beach is a beachside, dog friendly nature reserve with SO much to do. Walking, cycling, boat hire and of course cafes for refreshments.

Johnson’s of Old Hurst, Huntingdon, is a Farm Shop, tearoom, gift shop and butchers (we don’t think your dog is allowed in that part, so they’ll probably sulk a bit!). But you can reward them by taking them on the lovely woodland walk that’s part of the grounds and deciding to sit in the outside dining area of the cafe.

Book soon; we would love to see you!

Hopefully, your dogs will be as delighted as you that we’ve shared our’ doggy knowledge’, and we hope we’ve convinced you to come and see for yourself how pawfect the Cambridgeshire Fens are for a dog-friendly holiday for you and your furbaby.

We look forward to welcoming you soon,

John, Bev, Prince & Ruby,



We should mention to those of you a little concerned you might be booking into a Cambridgeshire Fens version of Crufts that we insist our dog guests are on leads ALWAYS, no exception. And we have the luxury of plenty of space here, so if dogs really aren’t your thing, you could easily get through our entire holiday without getting close to one.

Although, getting away without a quick tickle of our camp cat Jaffa is doubtful and will be down to you and him!

And in the unlikely event that a non-dog lover has got this far in our article, we want to reassure you that our rooms are cleaned to the highest standards – we guarantee mysterious odours will NOT ruin your holiday…

5 Compelling Reasons To Camp In The Cambridgeshire Fens

Discover the powerful reasons to choose self catering accommodation in Cambridgeshire, with our camping in the Fens Guide!

Apart from the obvious, like coming to visit us here at Fourwinds Bed and Breakfast, there are plenty of compelling reasons to enjoy a camping trip in the beautiful Cambridgeshire Fens. Find out what they are, below!

The wealth of holiday accommodation on offer

One of the best things about camping in the Fens is the wide range of facilities that are available including campsites for tents, caravans, and motorhomes, along with friendly bed and breakfasts, guest houses, and even self-contained apartments!

However, if you like your camping a little more refined, why not try a glamping option, instead? After all, staying in accommodation like one of our luxury shepherds huts or a cosy log cabin means you get to appreciate the great outdoors, while also having access to all the modern comforts of life such as a comfy bed, ensuite bathroom, and indoor seating.

Plenty to keep the whole family entertained

Campers also flock to the Fens because of all the activities in Cambridgeshire that are on offer such as kayaking. You’ll even find that some campsites like ours are close enough to the Old River Nene to be able to offer canoe hire on-site, making getting on the water super simple and easy.

Explore the historic landscape and atmosphere of the area

East Anglia is a region packed with history, and the Fens are no exception. In the area, you will find a wealth of fascinating local attractions such as the imposing Ely Cathedral, and the historical Oliver Cromwell’s House.

Two of Britain’s first nature reserves, Wicken Fen (founded in 1899) and the Woodwalton Fen (founded in 1910) are also close by. Both of which are chocked full of hiking and walking routes for all ages and abilities.

It’s a short jaunt to the historic, university town of Cambridge

Choosing a campsite in the Cambridgeshire Fens also offers the opportunity to visit the historic university town of Cambridge itself.

Be sure to take a break from all the wonderful high-end independent shops such as Cambridge Cheese Company, Cambridge Gin Laboratory, and Nomads to check out the unique architecture of the University.

Indeed, a boat ride or punt down the river is the ideal way to see two of the most popular historic sites -the ornate Bridge of Sighs and the famous, if a little eccentric, Mathematical Bridge!

Choose from a wide range of places to eat

While there is always the option to pick a campsite that allows camp fires so you can do your own cooking, campers will be pleased to note there is a broad range of local eateries offering delicious fare to choose from too.

Be sure to check out the Little Downham Anchor Restaurant where you can get a cracking roast dinner. While vegans will find plenty of grub in establishments like Truly Scrumptious Vegan and Gluten-Free Cafe in Ely, famous for their legendary cakes.

If you are lucky you may even find a Cambridge campsite like ours that offers an award winning breakfast too. Leaving you with nothing to worry about apart from making the most of your camping trip in the beautiful Fens.

Check out our Staycations in the Cambridgeshire Fens blog for more ideas about holidaying in East Anglia and our Explore page for lots of places to visit while you are here.

Confidence to book your Spring/Summer camping pitch with our Covid Booking Guarantee. 

We are taking camping bookings for Spring/Summer 2021 and are sure it will be a busy year after all that everyone has had to contend with – we all want to get out and holiday!  To give you the confidence to forward book we have implemented a 2021 Covid booking guarantee for our campsite bookings.  If you have to cancel your booking due to Covid isolation or government travel restrictions imposed from your home address, we will refund or provide a voucher on request, up to 72 hours prior to arrival. For later cancellation for the same reasons only, we will offer a voucher up to arrival day. If we have to cancel due to government restrictions affecting our ability to open we will offer a full refund or voucher.

As vaccines role out over the next couple of months and we get on top of this pandemic we are all keen to be optimistic about a good summer ahead of us – and a safer way to enjoy a holiday this year? What better then camping of course!  We are starting to get busy for key dates, so phone us on 01354 658737 to book yours.

We certainly are getting in the mood (and a little bit hungry!) planning our BBQ Fridays, Afternoon Tea Saturdays and Campers Breakfasts to offer our guests amongst other ideas.  Look forward to seeing you on the other side.   #campingholiday #funinthefens #staycation

Important COVID19 update 24.12.20

COVID 19 Update 24.12.20

From 26.12.20 we are in ‘Tier 4’ of UK Government COVID Restrictions, which means for the next two weeks we are once more closed to arrivals.  (except for a limited list of legal exemptions* see below) – As the status of the restrictions changes rapidly, please keep checking back with us for updates.  Call us on 01354 658737 or email us on if you have any questions. 

We looking forward to seeing you on the other side folks. #staysafe
*Stays for essential work, attending funerals, education and provision of care for a vulnerable person are legal exemptions to travel restrictions – we will require further clarification from you before being able to accept bookings under exempted criteria. Call to discuss on 01354 658737


The Cambridgeshire Fens for your next Staycation

After the year we have all had, we are certainly looking forward to having safe holiday time away ourselves in the UK next year. How about you? And how about The Cambridgeshire Fens for your ‘Staycation’? (love that word)

Fourwinds Leisure, with varied accommodation options, is an ideal base to explore what Cambridgeshire and the rest of East Anglia has to offer – lots of places of interest in less then an hours drive. Visit Ely’s riverside and its stunning cathedral, or Peterborough’s cathedral for that matter! Head to the golden beaches of Holkham and Wells. Visit Cambridge and enjoy the stunning architecture, markets, shops and of course the river, or take a jaunt round the beautiful Sandringham Estate. If you enjoy birds, The Cambridgeshire Fens has a lot to keep you interested – check out WWT Welney for example. If you are a National Trust fan there are plenty of interesting sites in the Fens or just a short drive away. Go to our Explore page for more places to visit. The Fens has an interesting history and landscape and still is a bit of a hidden gem. Come and find out more about us!

During the latest lockdown, at Fourwinds, we have been beavering away again, and have remodelled to create a spacious, cosy, one bedroom ground floor flat, that sleeps up to 5. The bedroom has the usual comfy Fourwinds beds you have come to expect – one king size and one single and lots of space for guests and their stuff 🙂 There is a tv in there too. The kitchen/diner gives the option for the traveller to cook for themselves (or not – if you’re on holiday!!) There is plenty of space around the table for 5 and is a lovely light bright space to enjoy a sunny Fenland day. Ask about our tasty award wining breakfast plates, delivered to your door. The living room comes equipped with a very comfortable double sofa bed and enough seating for 5 and a 42″ TV, enabled for Netflix and Amazon Prime. Comfy, cosy, spacious and good value is how we would describe it ….. but we are biased I guess 🙂

Shepherds Hideaway – perfect escape for 2

We also have our self catering Luxury Shepherds Huts, Log Cabin and Camping Field! So if your preference is to sleep almost under the stars and enjoy sitting around a traditional campfire, or to bring your own touring caravan, motorhome or campervan and prefer to use your own facilities – we can accommodate in our friendly, uncrowded campsite. For those of you that like the traditional b&b feel, we have that too! Flexible accommodation!

Options, Options, Options! Check out our website – or give us a call on 01354 658737.

Being ideal for families, or for friends, for fishing groups or paddle borders, The Old River Nene (one of the Cambridgeshire Fens waterways) is right at the end of our land with a mooring and guests can fish or launch free of charge. Or why not hire one of our canoes from April to October. The market town of March is only a 25 minute walk along the river bank too.

and they’re off

We are looking forward to our UK holiday time next year. No doubt you are too – so give us a ring on 01354 658737 or book some options online now to secure your preferred dates and accommodation. See you next year 🙂

For now, stay safe 🙂

John, Bev and the Team.

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We’re good to go ……. all winter long!

Following the PM’s statement yesterday regarding further restrictions, we are delighted to still be offering safe and relaxing accommodation to travelers looking to take a break from the maddening crowd or to those visiting family or having to travel for work.

October in March! – Pic by Darren Hankins

The Cambridgeshire Fens really are as beautiful in the winter as they are in the summer, with amazing sunsets and sunrises, perfect for walking, bird watching and fishing – in relative peace and quiet. With our flat countryside, cycling is easy …. ish too  (unless the wind is blowing against you of course!) and the wide open spaces makes you feel like you can really breath deeply – especially if you have been hemmed in, in a large town or city.

The Old River Nene from our bank

Leave behind your daily stresses and worries and bring with you instead a mac, walking shoes and a pair of binoculars! Check out for places to go and see.  Although some maybe currently restricted, there are so many wide open spaces you can explore in our region that are not!  At Fourwinds B&B and Campsite, we allow well behaved dogs in a couple of our accommodation options and on our campsite, so if you have a fur baby you want to bring for nice long walks along the river or in among the fields – bring them here!

This part of East Anglia is a good base from which to explore – such as a visit to the expansive golden beaches and reserve of Holkham or to the brightly painted beach huts at Wells Next The Sea, or the fragrant pine forest at Sandringham (all within an hour or so drive from us).  Beautiful in the winter as well as the summer!

Snaps from our log cabin and shepherds hut

We offer cosy (and a bit quirky) self contained accommodation for singles, couples or families (up to 4).  In times such as these, having your own front door, to your own self contained space, is the best – home from home without the chores!  The crackle of the wood burning in the stove of the Shepherds Hut or the sounds of the countryside from the Log Cabin, or the walk down to the river from the Suite will just add to the experience.  Be refreshed without the hassles of daily life and by the enjoyment of somewhere else to explore. Check out our accommodation here.

Folk in our town of March are very friendly and down to earth and make you feel comfortable instantly, making a little trip to town for provisions easy.  Sure there will be restrictions on whats on, whats open and till what time  for the next few months (never mind remembering your face coverings!), but that won’t stop you being able to recharge your batteries!

Fenland pumpkins ready to harvest

We also have a few spacious gravel pitches with electric in our 5 acre field, available all year round for campervans, motorhomes and caravans.  During this pandemic, unlike many small campsites, we are still able to provide clean and covid-friendly facilities should campers not be able to rely on their own. If you are a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club, you will also be able to benefit from midweek pitch fee discounts we are offering from November to February.  Call us on 01354 658737 if you would like more info. If you haven’t already joined the CCC check them out, known as the Friendly Club, there are great benefits to being members.

Staycations are the ‘in thing’ this year …… and it doesn’t have to just be in the summer months! – put your heating on and woolly bed socks, get out the scrabble and enjoy a warming stew cooked in your own caravan oven (with a nice bottle of vino of course :))

So come and visit Fourwinds Leisure  in the Cambridgeshire Fens this Autumn and Winter.  We are all about relaxing and taking a load off and …… We’re Good To Go!




Its official! – we are re opening on 4th July :)

Its confirmed! We are re opening on 4th July. Its been a long road, but delighted we have got to this point. Looking forward to seeing all our guests back on our #campsite and in our #selfcatering units and #bedandbreakfast for a #safespace, #covidsecure well deserved break!

Canoe Hire opening again! :)

Following recent announcements made by the Government, British Canoeing and The Canal and River Trust, we are delighted to be restarting our canoe hire from 30th May 2020 (taking bookings now).  We know a lot of you have been dying to get back on the water.  So now is your chance!  There will be a restricted service, so make sure you call as soon as possible to book. (01354 658737)

It is also important that you know how we are adapting things to make it safe for both you and us, so check out our Covid Secure’ protocols below:

What we are doing different:

  • Thoroughly sanitising the gunwales, seats, ropes, paddles and buoyancy aids before and after use.
  • Giving you the usual briefing – but from 2m away 🙂
  • Minimising the number of boats going out each day to avoid crowding
  • Avoiding unnecessary contact on arrival – by taking payment in advance by phone and emailing terms for agreement.

We ask you to:

  • Only canoe with members of your own household.
  • Follow instructions at all times, especially social distancing requirements.
  • Bring your own hand sanitiser (and other PPE if you want to of course)
  • Acknowledge agreement to our terms by replying to our email before arrival.
  • Be confidently mobile as we have had to adapt how we hold the boat to get you on and off. Our mooring is fairly low so stepping in is generally easy and we are still able to steady the canoe for you.
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