Campsite BBQing for National BBQ Week from 27th May

Fire, fragrant smoke, mouth watering food smells, sunny days, and a cold glass of something ……. its no wonder we love to BBQ!

Our love of social outdoor cooking has grown tremendously with 9 million bbq occasions reported * in 1997 compared to an estimated 137 million occasions in 2019!  Its no wonder that the 2019 National BBQ week is going to be as popular as its previous 22.  My BBQ loving husband is very excited that he has an excuse to BBQ for 7 days in a row! …… happy days. At Fourwinds Campsite we are really looking forward to the lovely smells emanating from campers BBQs throughout the summer.

There is so much choice when it comes to portable BBQ equipment.  Are you a traditional charcoal BBQ’er (is that a word?!) or more of a gas fan? Do you like to slow cook it, char it or smoke it?  1127704AB_1800x1800

If like us, you are a charcoal fan, we love the portable Weber Kettle BBQ with good Weber design features including a ‘tuck n carry’ lid lock and rust resistant damper.  Looks smart and lasts well and fits easily in your car.  Being a Weber its not the cheapest but good quality.

6540-Safari-Chef-2-BBQ-grid-fish-steaksGas is convenient, instant and cleaner then charcoal and we like the Cadac Safari Chef best.  It’s branded as ‘compact but mighty’ and we agree. It comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a household gas BBQ but has folding legs and sturdy carry bag making it truly portable.

For something a little different try a Smoker. We were invited out recently for lunch and the meat was cooked in the outdoor smoker.  The pork and SM02_1_Zoomchicken we had were so succulent and flavoursome we were impressed.  That unit was a large Weber Smoker, not suitable for camping, but we have found this portable Callow Smoker and the reviews look pretty good along with the price.  If anyone has one, let us know how well it works for camping trips.  Smoking takes a lot longer then it grilling on a BBQ, so you would need to keep keep an eye on it for longer  … another excuse to kick back with several glasses of something cold me thinks …….. shame! 🙂

camp9Last but not least in our little homage to BBQ kit, what about going back to basics with a griddle over a camp fire?  At Fourwinds we have some pitches with campfire bowls, which if you know how, will enable you to cook directly over the fire.  We found this Pioneer grill,  which looks good to us.  There is an art in cooking over a campfire – you should wait for the flames to die down and glv15_campchef_heat_guard_leather-glovescook over the embers to ensure the food is not over blackened and is cooked through properly,  Also it is always advisable to have a good pair of fire gloves as you are cooking so close to the fire .… not too many glasses of something cold while you are concentrating on the fire then! 😦

So what are you waiting for? …. we had our first bbq of the year one chilly February night (ok we did eat it indoors, but hey!!)

Come, camp and BBQ at our Fourwinds Campsite in Cambridgeshire and have some fun in the Fens 🙂

*Mintel & The Grocer
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