Community Tree Planting for the Diamond Jubilee at Fourwinds

24th & 25th November at Fourwinds, Whittlesey Road, March.

Want to join in?  Use the Email form at the bottom of this blog to put your name down and we will send you details! Or call us on 01354 658737.  Come prepared with a spade, coat, warm clothes, a pair of boots or wellies and perhaps a flask of tea!

So whats it all about? …..

The Woodland Trust has just given Fourwinds B&B and campsite hundreds of trees to plant as part of the charity’s Jubilee Woods Project, which is marking Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by planting 6 million trees across the country.

Fourwinds applied for a tree pack from the Woodland Trust to enhance walkers experience of the public footpath (No 7) which runs alongside the property.  The footpath is part of the Hereward Way and takes walkers from Whittlesey Road to the bank of the Old River Nene and on into March town centre.

We are excited about the planting and are looking forward to seeing the trees prosper over the years, providing food and shelter for wildlife and giving enjoyment to walkers

The trees, all native species, will grow into a young hedgerow wood in as little as 10 years and will line a section of the footpath. Also contained in the pack is a Royal Oak sapling, which has been grown from an acorn gathered from one of the Royal estates.

In total 60 Diamond Woods of 60 acres are being created nationally along with hundreds of smaller ‘Jubilee Woods’.  Schools and communities are also able to apply for free tree packs to plant in public areas and the public will be able to attend a number of tree planting events between November and March.  For more details go  To find out more about the project or apply for free trees to plant in the spring go to

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