Nearly ready to launch off our new mooring

Great weather for construction today.  John and Roy have made a lot of progress and the mooring is really starting to take shape.  Think they are trying to get most of it finished by tonight.  Nearly ready for the decking and then hopefully some good weather and we can go off and enjoy the river.  Come and join us – hire one of our canoes or camp or stay in our bed and breakfast and bring yours to launch free of charge.

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1 Response to Nearly ready to launch off our new mooring

  1. chris larking says:

    i understand that you used to work with my son inlaw ‘john welch’
    my daughter’his wife’ sent me details of your new project which i find most impressive and wish you every sucess for the future
    seeing your work on the mooring i thought that you may be interested in a product that i have receintly used plastic piling which does a brilliant job i will dig out some info you never know it may be of use in the future.
    we will be visiting you with our caravan some time later this year ,look forward to meeting you

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